Committee Articles, Goals and Objectives

Membership Committee fosters the outreach to the environmental, health and safety community to stimulate interest in Chapter participation.  This committee tracks membership contact information and maintains current membership rosters. Other roles include interacting with the general membership, welcoming new members, maintaining Chapter interest and soliciting membership participation in the Chapter’s committees and sub-committees. The Programming/ Professional Development Committee and Awards and CHMMunity Sub-Committees are directly aligned with the Membership Committee (see descriptions below).

Electronic Communications Committee
manages Chapter information and communication tools to foster, promote and enhance the AHMP’s relationship with our members.  Members are provided a web portal to access the Chapter’s documentation, membership and programs.  Activities include website maintenance/development and email circulations, which highligh upcoming events and membership services.

Government Affairs Committee is to provide subject matter expertise and general industry guidance to support the Chapter membership. The Committee tracks and provides input on regulatory changes that potentially impact members as they relate to environment, health and safety, transportation and energy issues.  Committee members may provide expertise directly or seek assistance from knowledgeable resources.

The CHMMunity® Sub-Committee fosters beneficial projects  for NJ chapter member participation. Using  AHMP guidelines, the committee is able to select a deserving cause for our CHMMunity® project. For a project to be considered, the project must have a hazardous materials component, but not have adequate internal funding or expertise on its own. Although there are many worthwhile causes, the CHMMunity® sub-committee directs CHMMs efforts to where their specific expertise and knowledge are essential.

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