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Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey is a unique network of businesses committed to improving and advancing the cause of free enterprise in the Garden State. Our focus sets us apart from other organizations and provides the basis upon which we work to make our state a better place to live, work and conduct business.

Environmental Business Council - A Forum of the CIANJ

Since its inception, the EBC’s mission has been to recognize the important economic role the environmental industry plays within the state, to demonstrate that environmental issues are also business issues, and to teach the business and regulatory communities that environmental responsibility and economic growth are fundamentally related.

The EBC Environmental Roundtable meets every other month to discuss relevant environmental issues, regulatory changes and new developments that may impact our members provided by our sub-committees which focus on: Regulatory Affairs, Brownfields & Site Remediation, Natural Resource Damages, Water, Air, Environmental Technology, Sustainability, Energy, Enforcement & OSHA News and Regulations.

CIANJ member companies are invited to send Executives, Directors, Management and individual technical and compliance personnel to their bimonthly meetings to enhance their understanding of current issues and participate in advocacy efforts as well as assist with environmental compliance matters both functionally and legislatively.

Numerous Past Presidents of AHMP-NJ attend these meetings regularly and plan to make this valuable knowledge resource available to the general AHMP-NJ membership community on an ongoing basis.

July 22, 2022 EBC Meeting

  • I.                   Introduction/General Interest 

§ Biden Enviro Justice Goals Driving Big Enforcement Changes

§ The Biggest Enviro Policy Moves of 2022: Midyear Report

§ Energy Litigation to Watch in the Second Half of 2022

§ Murphy Administration Inspires Interest in Environmental Careers While Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Through Dep’s Youth Inclusion  Initiative

II.                   Brownfields and Site Remediation

A.    Site Remediation Practitioners’ Forum 

  • §  June 29, 2022, Meeting Minutes (attached as a PDF)
  • §  Next Site Remediation Practitioners’ Forum will be August 31, 2022

B.     Site Remediation and Other Technical Issues 


C.    LSRP Board Updates

 §  LSRP Members

  • ·         At the July meeting, Chairman Mark Pederson announced his retirement, including from the board. July will be his last meeting and a replacement has not yet been named by the Commissioner.
  • ·         Until a new chair is named, Joanne Held will serve as interim chair.
  • §  LSRP Exam
  • ·         Of the 54 candidates taking the exam, 39 passed.
  • ·         All 39 have paid their license fee and are able to work as LSRPs.
  • ·         Next exam is tentatively scheduled for October 2023.
  • §  Rule Proposal
  • ·         The NJDEP Office of Legal Affairs transmitted the Board Rule Proposal to the Governor’s Office for review on February 25, 2022.
  • ·         There are a number of DEP Rule Proposals in the queue for Governor review/signature.
  • ·         There will be a 60-day public comment period upon publication.
  • §  Professional Conduct Committee
  • June and July conduct decisions:
  • ·         June 2022 the Board voted to find a violation in 1 complaint (008-2021)
  • ·         July 2022 the Board did not vote on any complaints. 
  • §  Continuing Education
  • ·         To date, the Board has approved 25 continuing education programs in 2022.
  • ·         Since the last update in May, 11 classes were approved and 1 was denied.

At the July meeting, the board approved a policy change for continuing education (attached). The policy statement was sent via listserve on July 13, 2022 and may also be found on the board website. This policy narrows the definition of Alternative Verifiable Learning Format to exclude continuing education programs attended remotely but synchronously, and which allow interaction with instructors.

D.    Brownfields 

  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • There is $1B in funding available in the new infrastructure bill for projects taking place on any of 49 currently unfunded superfund sites.
  • The qualifying sites in NY and NJ are as follows: (Diamond Head Oil Refinery Division in NJ, Eighteen mile Creek, NY, Facet Enterprises Inc., NY Former Kil-Tone Company, NJ Garfield Groundwater Contamination, NJ Kauffman & Minteer, Inc., NJ Roebling Steel Co., NJ, Unimatic Manufacturing Corporation, NJ, Vestal Water Supply Well 1-1, NY, White Chemical Corp, NJ)

III.       Regional Regulatory Affairs 


      New York


IV.                   Natural Resource Damages 

V.      Solid and Hazardous Waste, and Recycling 

VI    Water and Land Use 
VII    Chemicals and Petroleum (Christina Sartorio Ku–, Paul Linnartz –
VIII.       OSHA  

IX.   Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

       §  Supreme Court Limits EPA in curbing power plant emissions

Joe Galley CHMM, LSRP (AHMP-NJ Certified member, Past President (Twice)

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