Tom Dalton Memorial Scholarship

To honor Tom Dalton’s memory as a professional and as a founding member of the New Jersey Chapter of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals, the scholarship is provided to the chapter membership.


The Dalton Memorial Scholarship will consist of a certificate of recognition and a $1,000 award to be used toward educational expense.  It will be awarded annually if qualified applications are received.



The Dalton Scholarship will be awarded to a full time matriculated student who is pursuing a four year undergraduate degree or a graduate degree.  For four year degree students, the applicant must have completed at least one full year at the institute of higher education and must have declared a major field of study.  Although not mandatory, preference will be given to applicants pursuing degrees in science, engineering or a related field.


The applicant must belong to the family of a member of the New Jersey Chapter of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers.  A member of the Chapter is defined as an individual who has paid his or her chapter dues and has been a member of the chapter for at least 12 months.


Application must be submitted to the chapter by May 1, 2020


Applicants can receive the Dalton Scholarship only twice.  Non-winning applicants from past years may reapply and are encouraged to do so as long as they qualify for submission.


Criteria for Selection of Winner:

Candidates for the scholarship must submit a paper to the chapter explaining “What I hope to accomplish with my degree.”   Papers will be limited to 500 words or less and the winning paper will be selected by an ad-hoc committee chosen by the President of the Chapter.   In addition, a letter from one professor in the student’s major department is required.  Said letter will verify that the student is in good standing and should be considered for the scholarship.


Awarding of Scholarship:

The winner of the scholarship will be announced by the end of May 2020.  Payment will be made to the winner at a chapter meeting. (If the winner cannot be present, the chapter member related to the winner may accept the check on his/her behalf.)  


If an insufficient number of acceptable applications are received in any year, the Chapter maintains the right not to award the scholarship in that calendar year.  In such a case, the Chapter, at the discretion of its Executive Board may award two scholarships in the subsequent year.


Download the Scholarship Rules

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